About Koviko.net

Koviko.net is a blog in which I share my insights on web development. The main focuses of this blog are front-end development in XHTML/CSS and JavaScript and back-end development in PHP and MySQL.  I will be discussing best practices, solutions to common problems, development frameworks, and other topics related to the developer’s side of the web site. I’ve presented these topics in three different ways:
  1. Articles. The web development articles on Koviko.net are for discussing general topics in web development, such as best practices, optimization, and security.
  2. Tutorials. The programming tutorials on Koviko.net will walk the reader through the process of solving a proposed problem. These are presented based on the assumed level of expertise necessary to implement the solution.
  3. Lessons. The lessons on Koviko.net are designed to teach beginners and moderately experienced web developers about languages and concepts in web development.

About Me

I am Sean Smith, also known as Kovik. I am a web developer who specializes in PHP, CSS, and JavaScript programming. I have developed this blog in order to share my thoughts and tribulations with the web development community. Let’s get started, shall we?